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Resorts is all about Seasons. Deals, discounts and packages are integral to Seasons. If you miss a chance the next opportunity could be few months or even year away, depending upon your location.

Technology tools that enable your customer acquisition business processes should be powerful enough to support a range of requirements that are somewhat unique to Resorts e.g. group booking, seasonal packages, limited period offers.

Also, availability of proper metrics in a timely fashion is critical to fine tuning your marketing programs for deriving best results from your offers and promotions.

Cheerze offers, Seasonal Flexi Rates, Pre-defined Packages, and Charter Reservation options for Resorts.

Regardless of your property type, Cheerze allows you to enter a comprehensive array of room rates, schedule specific rates for any date range, setup minimum length of stays and package rooms. Cheerze has options to setup rooms – by accommodation type and for multiple booking and package rates

With Cheerze’s Pre-defined package, you can fix the charge in bundle e.g. you can create a 2N+3D offer package for your guests with absolute ease. Overall, the process of bundle pricing and room allocation is simple and there is no need to calculate each rent separately.

Charter reservation process for group bookings is rather simplified. Bookings can be sorted out in just about 10 seconds. Rent can be calculated as quickly and presented in a convenient manner.

Your resort solution can be setup in a less cumbersome manner with flexi-billing and payment terms for groups, multiple POS points for additional services and visibility in GDSs and travel sites. We can assemble and build your resort-specific solution from an extensive menu of Cheerze modules and features in a reasonably short period of time.

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