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Front of the House

Front of the House

In a Customer Facing function one does not get a second chance to make a first impression; dependable technology tools can save your day.

With Cheerze – Front of the House module, Increase your room nights.Eliminate system shutdown during night audits. Get your reports in your mailbox and mobile phone. Track every transaction. Design your own custom reports.

Cheerze’s-Front of the House module takes over from the moment your guest makes a reservation. A whole series of guest related transactions – scheduled reservation, regular registrations, walk-ins, room allotments can all be handled with ease. Guest history, a powerful MIS tool, a plug-in for the telephony system and night audits are the core components of office module.


Reservations is a highly integrated process in Cheerze. Reservations from travel agents, your web-portal, OTAs, 3rd party sites/GDs will reflect on your booking chart promptly. Guest-side and hotel-side (room inventory) of the system get updated simultaneously with reservation details while suitable notifications are triggered to the guest via SMS and email. Other key aspects of the reservation system include:

  • Group, individual, and multiple room reservations on single screen
  • Quick retrieval of guest history
  • Quick reference of occupancy chart (graphical)
  • Rate assignment using tariff table
  • Splitting of reservations
  • Guest message maintenance
  • Computing over booking percentages for room types
  • Room night allocation for travel agents/company
  • Handling of charters
  • Printing of registration cards
  • Re-instating cancellations and no-shows


Cheerze-Registration, takes care of several activities from the time a guest checks-in till the guest checks-out. This includes, check-in, changing rooms, linking and delinking of rooms, guest messaging and paging, recording turn-away guest details, blocking and clearing rooms, locker facility, billing broadcast, guest stay amendment, and guest accompaniments.Other key aspects of the registration system include:

  • Quick check-in for reserved guests (groups and individual)
  • Quick check-in for walk-in
  • Easy room change
  • Graphical display of room rack
  • Pre-defined discounts for F &B, laundry,telephones etc.
  • Highly flexible rate structuring facility
  • On-line display of key hotel statistics (e.g. in-house &expected ARR, ARP and occupancy)
  • Key card interface
  • Guest complaints and maintenance request


Cheerze– Cashier, handles postings, folio transfers, checkouts, settlements, tagging of advance, duplicate bills, foreign currency exchange, tariff removal, folio activation/deactivation and overall status tracking. Some key aspects of the cashier module are:

  • Individual and group checkouts on single screen
  • Direct posting of transactions to group leader
  • Defining in-house credit limits
  • Reservation and room advance
  • Credit card encashment with certificate
  • Customize bill splitting during stay & checkout
  • Part-settlements
  • Multi-modal settlement of a single bill
  • Settlement using multiple credit cards
  • Multi-currency bill settlement
  • Online bill settlement to sundry debtors

Night Audit

Night audit compliance is key to maintaining procedural control, supervising credit limits and maintaining overall integrity of accounting systems. The night audit process ensures accuracy of all day transactions – reservations, posting of day charges & collections, check-in & check-out details, and guest accounts. The night audit process is backed by analysis and reports that are action-based.Cheerze – Night Audit, can perform tasks like.

  • Posting of registered tariff & taxes based on guest type, fixed charges
  • Changing status of non-materialized reservations to No-shows
  • Maintaining a comprehensive guest ledger, night-audit flash report, night clerk’s report and daybook
  • User based. customized one-key printing
  • Updating guest history with details of those who have checked out
  • Automatically switching housekeeping status of occupied rooms to dirty

Systematic record keeping of guest information in a matter of hygiene. Especially, in the hospitality industry, ‘knowing your customer’ is a significant aspect of guest relations. Aside from gathering standard data points, as part of the reservation and billing process, recording and keeping tab of guest preferences is super important for marketing and maintaining guest loyalty. Also, profiling a troublesome guest is as important as profiling a good guest! Cheerze – Guest History features include:

  • Recording guest preferences (exhaustive)
  • Tracking guest visits, comments and complaints
  • Tracking birthdays and anniversaries
  • Tracking frequent and loyal guests
  • Alerts and notifications for special events and offers
  • Printing of mailing Labels
  • Searching guest by criteria (multiple)
  • Merging and purging of guest history

Cheerze POS unifies all your points of sale, including room service, restaurants, bars and other outlets into a single bill. The KOT and order processing system is intelligently automated and integrated into your guest history. Touch screen and handheld interfaces provides enhanced user and guest experience. Features include:

  • Facility to set-up complex tax and discount structures/exceptions
  • Split bills, multimode and multi-currency settlement options
  • Fast food billing
  • KOT audit
  • Table transfers and linking of multiple tables
  • Alerts for billed & checked out rooms
  • Restaurant toggling (single cashier and multiple restaurants)
  • Open item concept
  • Happy hours pricing
  • Guest history – preference and favourites
  • Popularity and cover analysis
  • MIS reports
  • Provision to export data to other office automation tools
  • Strong access control
  • Global search and active menu help
  • Highly scalable, GUI based and designed for client-server architecture

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors that a guest looks for while deciding to stay with you. During rush hours while many guests are checking in and out, verifying and keeping track of tidy and dirty rooms can be a stressful and time consuming process. Cheerze – Housekeeping and laundry management provides the facility to manage and monitor the housekeeping activities such as tracking maid cleaning time, duty roster(by floor), cleaning schedules – a comprehensive housekeeping console allows performance tracking by floor and staff. Customer reviews can be recorded, tracked and escalated. Other features…

  • Create and update job cards online for task management
  • Register lost and found items
  • Mini-bar billing
  • Maintain room supplies inventory
  • Block rooms for maintenance
  • Manage complaints and maintenance requests
  • Laundry billing (with holiday rates)
  • Update room status at real-time
  • Generate Real-time occupancy reports
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