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Mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions

Travel, stay and food/restaurant sectors has one of the most rapidly growing population of mobile-app savvy user(guest) bases in the world. Considering the nature of the hospitality industry, geographic spread of properties, integrated mobile applications can make life lot easier every stake holder.
Keeping up with the trend, Cheerze mobile solution is now available for services related Front Office, POS, Housekeeping, and Stores.

MIS-app for Cheerze provides instant summarized reports of reservation and sales data on your hand held devices. You can also get revenue reports for various time periods. Other reports include

  • MIS on demand
  • Mini flash with graph (CDT–MTD–YTD)
  • Collection with graph (CDT-MDT-YTD)
  • Position for a week from given date
  • Room reservation status reports
  • Automated flash reports after Night Audit

Front office mobile application covers operations, reports, MIS, and guest feedback.
Using the operations app, you can manage check-in, check-out, room change, reservation/cancellation from anywhere in your Hotel.
Using the reports app, you can review reports relating to expected arrivals, floor-wise occupancy, room information, expected departure, FO cashier, and occupancy list.
You can also view flash, company/ TATO, source/segment, region/country-wise MIS reports.
Guest feedback can be captured using the application as well.

With our mobile POS service, you will be able to track sales information, as soon as it gets updated. You can update the system sales data from anywhere in the hotel. Using the application, you can generate KOT and bills, handle/process settlements and manage table reservations. MIS reports cover sales day book, sales summary, KOT/bill, item-wise sales, group-wise sales and table view.

With our housekeeping MIS, you can track customer reviews and use the automatic escalation option from anywhere. Features for operations include LOT, billing, room status entry, and complaints. MIS reports cover occupancy list, departures list, expected arrivals, room status and compliant status.

With our Stores MIS you can track purchase orders, supplier information, usage statistics and other metrics such as ABC, and XYZ analysis. Features for operations include standard templates, indents and approvals. MIS reports cover issues, recipes and item level stocks.

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