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1.In how many days can I get ROI?

Within 3 to 4 months

2.What are the reasons for which we can get in touch with your support center?

For any support issues or clarifications in the product

3.Can I get a report in a different format?

Yes, you can. We have provided 150+ report formats to choose from.

4.How do I reduce my infrastructure investment by opting for Cheerze?

You get to use Cheerze on a subscription basis, thus freeing you off a heavy one-time payment. You could opt for an SP product, which means one-time fee. You pay an annual subscription charge and get updates all through the subscription period.

5.What will be duration of implementation?

The duration depends on the number of modules you opt for. Typically it can range from 10 to 40 days, the implementation process also includes user training.

6.Does Cheerze work on operating systems other than Windows?


9.Does Cheerze work for all my properties like beach resorts/hill station/ business class hotels?

Yes, Cheerze has one version of product which suits the requirements of all kinds of properties

10.Do I have to buy all modules available in Cheerze?

No, you have the option to pick and choose from our modules. You may buy more modules as you grow.

11.How does the support module work?

The Support Center works 24/7 and may be reached via email or phone. The center operates at three levels-tele support, online support, and onsite support.

12.How do I get periodic reports?

Once you define the kinds of reports you need, the system will generate them and send them to you.

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