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Hotel Chains

Hotel Chains

Hotel Chains is a reputation game. It is all about standardisation and consistency of service at every location and all the time. Centralised procedural control, optimal resource utilisation, and view of multi-city operations is critical to the success of hotel chains.

Technology plays a pivotal role in achieving this.

Cheerze’s custom built solutions for hotel chains has the right technological ingredients required to deliver the level of support and efficiency. You can manage and monitor all your hotels/properties through one software, manage data, and handle multiple bookings with single sign-on provision. Booking, reservations, purchase and staffing can be managed through a centralised system.

Central Reservation System (CRS)

CRS provides unabridged synthesis with the PMS and Channel Management system. With the help of attuned data, you can easily maintain inventory, rate cards, and reservation. This leads to cost reduction and enhances guest experience. CRS helps with improving booking conversion. Keep all your content in a central, searchable, and visible to your bookers.

  • Manage multiple bookings from many sources
  • Get real-time view of booking from all sources
  • Get unified dashboard control
  • Enable cross-property reservation
  • Provide connectors to OTAs and travel websites


MIS-app for Cheerze provides instant summarized reports of reservation and sales data on your hand held devices. You can also get revenue reports for various time periods. Other reports include

  • MIS on demand
  • Mini flash with graph (CDT–MTD–YTD)
  • Collection with graph (CDT-MDT-YTD)
  • Position for a week from given date
  • Room reservation status reports
  • Automated flash reports after Night Audit

Guest History

Systematic and centralised record keeping of guest information in a matter of hygiene. Especially, in the hospitality industry, ‘knowing your customer’ is a significant aspect of guest relations. Aside from gathering standard data points, as part of the reservation and billing process, recording and keeping tab of guest preferences is super important for marketing and maintaining guest loyalty. Also, profiling a troublesome guest is as important as profiling a good guest! Cheerze – Guest History features include:

  • Recording guest preferences (exhaustive)
  • Tracking guest visits, comments and complaints
  • Tracking birthdays and anniversaries
  • Tracking frequent and loyal guests
  • Alerts and notifications for special events and offers
  • Printing of mailing Labels
  • Searching guest by criteria (multiple)
  • Merging and purging of guest history

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