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Business Hotels

Business Hotels

Superior customer response, tight operational control supported by reliable data are key ingredients to help you stay competitive in the hospitality trade; even more demanding, if you are a business hotel.

With modern e-Commerce models disrupting the industry, your customer, staff and supplier facing technology enablers need to be truly robust.

Often times hotels do not require every aspect of a hotel management system. A specific application consisting of right front and back office elements need to be assembled to service your requirement in a meaningful manner. This includes connecting the package to appropriate internal and external interfaces thereby delivering a solution that is fit for your needs.

Cheerze is wide, deep, and flexible with strong multi-device reporting capabilities. You name the combination of functionalities needed for business hotel, we will blend it for you… One of our popular packages is

  • Front office [reservation, registration, cashier and night audit] + Guest History + House Keeping+ PoS +
  • INTERFACING with e-Commerce platforms and accounting /payroll systems
  • SUPPORTED by Cheerze for mobile devices

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