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Back of the House

Back of the House

Cutting costs and running an efficient back of the house operations is as complex and creating topline/revenue generation. One can easily lose money where many small portions of a variety of items are consuming regularly for longer period of time.

Cheerze-Inventory module, enables your stores department processes and helps with tracking usage statistics, expiry, purchase orders, supplier information and offers other metrics, such as FSN, ABC, XYZ analysis and weighted average calculations for consumption of stocks. You will never run short of anything, even in your 24-hour coffee shop. Cheerze inventory covers…

  • Main store and sub store
  • Multiple unit of Measurement
  • FIFO/LIFO/Weighted average
  • ABC& XYZ analysis
  • FSN analysis
  • Item stock analysis
  • Expiry tracking
  • Cost center-wise issue
  • Manual/Auto indent generation
  • Direct purchase orders
  • Supplier analysis
  • Supplier-item merge
  • Indent templates for stockable and non-stockable items

Manage bookings and service for banquets using the Cheerze-Banquets module. Its intuitive interface handles even the most complex requirements, creation of FP, handling of amendments, handling multiple venues,sessions and parties. The Banquets module also contains a bill settlement feature that integrates seamlessly with the guest history, reservation and billing modules of your hotel. Banquet features include…

  • Booking of multiple venues/session/database through a single screen
  • Hourly booking/Hall-wise status
  • F.P. Printing.
  • Profitability report on bought-out items
  • Guest/party history
  • Bill split
  • Multi-currency settlement
  • Multimode settlement
  • Tax exemption
  • User defined template for – confirmation/regret/cancellation letter
  • Report generator
  • Matrix rates
  • ABC dates

CRS provides unabridged synthesis with the PMS and Channel Management system. With the help of attuned data, you can easily maintain inventory, rate cards, and reservation. This leads to cost reduction and enhances guest experience. CRS helps with improving booking conversion. Keep all your content in a central place and be searchable and visible to your bookers.

  • Manage multiple bookings from many sources
  • Get real-time view of booking from all sources
  • Get unified dashboard control
  • Enable cross-property reservation
  • Provide connectors to OTAs and travel websites
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